Hello! My name is Ewelina Kuczera and I live in Poland. Drawing has always been a big passion of mine. I graduated from Warsaw University of Technology (Faculty of Architecture). Now I work as a Graphic Designer and continue my passion and still develop my skills. Throughout past years I participated in art contests and art exhibitions. Have a look at my gallery 😊

🥇Contests / exhibitions: |

🎨 Calendar with Koh-I-Noor (Poland 2016) - prize
🎨 Colored Pencil Magazine - International Art Competition (USA 2016) - honourable mention
🎨 Maxim Ceramics mug competition (Poland 2017) - 3rd prize
🎨 Mini Castra 2017 - 2nd International Festival of Watercolour (Slovenia 2017)
🎨 Calendar with Koh-I-Noor (Poland 2018) - prize
🎨 Interior Design Contest (Poland 2022) organized by Siemens and K.I.D.S. Foundation - "Skierowanie na projektowanie. Konkurs na najbardziej dziecięcą pracownię rezonansu magnetycznego" - main prize / https://skierowanienaprojektowanie.pl/
🎨 T-shirt design contest (Wloclawek, Poland 2023) - 3rd prize (https://galeriasztuki.wloclawek.pl/wydarzenia/wloclawki-na-koszulce-2023-wyniki/)
🎨 FIIN Drawing Contest (Vila Real, Portugal 2023) - my two artworks were chosen for an exhibition (6th November - 30th December 2023)


💙 (USA) UART Tip: Drawing fur with colored pencils https://www.uartpastelpaper.com/uart-tip-10-drawing-fur-with-colored-pencils-step-by-step-with-ewelina-kuczera/
💙 (USA) Australian Shepherd step-by-step - Colored Pencil Magazine - a tutorial available in printed and digital issues in December 2016
💙 (USA) The Alcott Youth Magazine (October 2023) - a short note about me and my art